What does the study on Leaveism involve?

Taking part should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time. Taking part includes answering four mandatory closed questions on Leaveism, followed by 14 closed and options questions about you. There is an optional chance to leave your individual thoughts on Leaveism and a chance to leave contact details should you be interested in a follow-up study planned for later in 2019 based on semi-structured with workers who practice Leaveism.

Where will the findings be published or made available?

It’s early stages in terms of publishing the findings from the survey, but the intention is to write a conference paper later in 2019, possibly for the CIPD ARC conference. Findings will also be published on this blog and links posted on the @Leaveism Twitter feed.

I would like to take part in the interview part of the research

If this is you, simply email James and register your interest. Interviews are likely to begin from the summer of 2019.

I’m interested in reading up on Leaveism – can you recommend some literature on this issue?

Yes, click on this link, which will be updated when more research is published. If you have details of any research not listed here, please inform me.